Yes the love affair that I would permanently like to end, sadly made a reappearance last week. THE old black boot, is back. Same foot, same ankle, pretty much the same mishap.

Last week, whilst out walking on one of my trails around the farm, I came across quite a few small branches, some laden with gum nuts, strewn across the pathway. They were obviously as a result of the last little windy rainstorm we had.

I started picking up/clearing a few of them away because I wanted to make sure that the pathway was free for me to safely walk on.  

The irony of that action is that I did not want, under any circumstances, to revisit my past mishaps with gum nuts i.e.: stumble or trip over any as I have been previously known to do, because invariably I have ended up in a moon boot with some fracture or other due to me being a tad inquisitive.

Little old unyoung me has always been inquisitive – MY J lovingly nicknamed me his ‘Street Kid’ years ago – I am always on the lookout for something, and it appears, if last week’s little ‘adventure’ can be counted, that I have remained true to that trait. At the time of my latest mishap, I was looking up at a flock of screeching and squawking galahs, definitely not looking at where my feet were taking me, so I stumbled on a little pile of nuts that I did not see coming and oops/ouch, the left foot and especially the ankle, went a bit sideways as did the knee, which strangely enough was my biggest concern at the time.

I hobbled home, nursed it all for a few days – as you do – in the hope that the swelling and bruising would subside or at least improve. The knee in fact sort of came good but the ankle, not so much.

The long and the short of my recent day’s outing to seek medical advice resulted in finding no actual fracture this time but some serious soft tissue damage/swelling which requires a little support [aka the moon boot] for maybe up to three or four weeks – if all goes well.

This current boot is not an up to my knee one, so all is not lost and better still I do not have to wear it at night. So, things overall, are quite good really considering what might have been, although if I had my time again I probably would not go walking along that path and I definitely would not look up at all those galahs because in hindsight, it was one of my gum nut accidents just waiting to happen.

So, the moon boot love affair lives on yet again, but as I am currently looking for a new pair of really stylish winter boots to buy – a pair that I can celebrate wearing when the recovery from this latest gum nut fiasco is complete – I guess life here in my part of the world, is not too bad after all.

Until next time…please look where you are walking and have a great weekend.

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