What is it about NEW things that gives one such a feeling of delight? I am not really sure as to the whys and wherefores of such things, all I know is that anything that is new to me, pretty much always gives me a wonderful buzz that I should put on repeat, repeat because the unyounger I become, the more I seem to really, really appreciate those little buzzes of delight.

What is my definition of new? Well, these days, I deem anything new to be whatever I happen to buy/try/see/receive/do or make during my day-to-day happenings.

I have a new jumper [lavender] – a colour I have not worn before – ordered from a new online shop plus a new scarf to go with it. I have a special outing coming up soon that I plan to wear it to – I am sure my sewing friends will notice as I have been a blue wearing girl for many, many years. 

I have ordered a new pair of glasses frames in a colour that I have not picked to wear before. It is actually the first time I have deviated from a straight-out shade of blue for them, so I am pretty happy about being so adventurous!

Mind you, I had to ‘phone a friend’ to help me decide between three frames that I had chosen at two different shops in town.

I bought some new cineraria seedlings – purple – to fill out one of my rose garden beds. The plant is not something I have grown before but as I was told they are a very hardy little annual I was quick to pick them up, given that I am not very ‘green fingered.’  

I sampled a couple of new foods – just small changes but they were still enough to give me a feel-good moment or two. I tried a new bread [still sourdough but this one was a rye and grain seed one] Not sure it is going to become my go to bread but it was still a tasty little change. Plus, I tried a new coffee pod for my Nepresso machine – and yes I will definitely be buying some more of those.

So, lots of feel-good moments for me this past week plus we had the Winter Solstice night sky to see and appreciate as well.

I hope this coming week – the last one for this month – is a good one too.

Until next time – take care.

Mum’s Iceberg Rose is still covered in lovely blooms.
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