It is the last day of June today, time to ask myself the question, did I find two new things to do this past month?

Well yes I did, plus in May due to a couple of life blips when I did not find any, I added two extras on to this month and they all were pretty nice to experience.

  1. I visited a new Chocolate factory and spent some serious dollars on their dark chocolate range. It was at Whistlers in the Swan Valley. I was on my way home from an appointment and thought, as it was such a lovely sunshiny day why not take a little detour before I head back up the hill to home. So, I did.  I also shouted myself to some lunch at their nice little café including ending with a couple of very tasty homemade scones [no cream]. That little detour turned out to be a great little treat for myself in more ways than one.
This castle chocolate display was pretty impressive.

2. I bought something, that to my knowledge, I cannot remember ever owning before – A double handed oven mitt. I have always used a separate one on each hand, but this new one is an all in one. I have already tried it out and it is great – much better than using two individuals. I am not sure why I have never discovered this little gem of a kitchen aid before, but I am sure glad I have now. [I remind myself that it is never too late to give new to me things, a try.]


I am a long-time handkerchief lover/user. I have never been a tissue fan; it has always been that I have either a hanky on my person or one is at the ready in my bag.

I inherited this tradition from my Mum together with the philosophy that your hanky must match the predominant colour you are wearing whether you are dressed up to go out or simply being at home, so as you can imagine, one needs a big collection to make that happen. I used to have every colour imaginable; some with a floral embroidery in the corner, and some edged with lace. No Florals however were allowed!   

BUT … I recently had some fun online and purchased some vibrant new floral colours to add to my hanky collection. Why? Because I am about to begin a new era of hanky wear. No more matching, no more plains, no more ironing them into neat triangles – as taught per my High School domestic science days.

The new era is – ironed into quarters, and choosing completely opposite colours to what I am wearing. You could say I am making a hanky statement by bucking the trend of a lifetime – yes little unyoung me has done something that does not follow my usual rules and yes the sky again, did not fall in! 

I had a blue theme going on yesterday when I went out to lunch and instead of taking the obvious blue hanky, I took a red floral one. Such radical behaviour!  But I laugh every time I pick out or use an ‘odd’ colour so that has to be a plus in itself.

4. BEANIES.  I rate myself as an average knitter at best – that is I can do knit and purl quite well – patterns – not really. So, it was with a little bit of trepidation that I set out to knit a basic baby beanie in order to donate them to the charity group ‘kogo.’  [I saw the ‘wanted beanie’ ad asking for donations, and I thought why not give it a go.] The words – Basic 8 ply Beanie pattern plus the picture of a plain knit purl finished beanie drew me in because I thought yes that is within my capabilities. My first one took three goes to master, with a bit of help from You Tube – to find out how to purl two through the back of the loop. I kept losing my stitches, then dropping them down a line – almost did my head in – but I persevered and mastered it, and in the end the finished beanie looks in my opinion okay. I have set myself the task of completing ten of them before I post them off. Hopefully, I will have them done before winter’s end.

So the month of June has come and almost gone and already I am looking to see what I can in do in July. Thirty one days too so I cannot wait to see what this little unyoung will get up to.

Until next time…take care.

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