Despite a couple of good solid downpours over the last few weeks, our dam is still looking a little sad.

On the other hand, the Avon River in nearby downtown Northam, is flowing very nicely and all the ducks, swans, etc that inhabit the area, are enjoying all that the river and its surrounds currently has on offer.

If we keep getting a storm every few weeks, the river will be well and truly ready for the annual Avon Descent. The water over the edge of the ‘Weir’ [it is only about a metre high] is already starting to froth and that certainly is a good indication that the levels are rising and the river is flowing in earnest. The canoeists and small boat enthusiasts that enter the Descent, love the challenge of manoeuvring over the frothy weir rocks before forging on downstream to Toodyay and so far, it looks like this years waters will not disappoint.

Even thought it is cold I still like a bit of salad with my favourite filo pastie – a feta and spinach.

I love the summer time but winter has its merits for me too.

On a wet day I can be found: reading, sewing, listening to e books, knitting, baking, walking between showers, in my yellow chicken wellies, making a healthy pot of soup, drinking a good long black or two, doing crosswords [I try not to cheat – I should staple the back pages of the little crossword book shut because sometimes this little unyoung brain will not come up with the right answer and that frustrates me no end but on the whole I complete most of them without looking up an answer so I justify that action to myself when I do take a peek.]

Rarely does a wet day see me doing any housework.  Not sure why but I never do. Not sure of the rationale to it – maybe because I just love spending the time watching from a warm place, the rain as it is falling and also listening for it fall on our tin roof.

We always get our best rains this month here in my part of the world, so I am looking forward to some more wet days ahead. Hope fully by the end of the month, our dam will be looking a little healthier and be almost full, because every year a good collection of birds and wildlife enjoy spending their winters down in the bushes, shrubs and trees that border the dam.

They do not return however until the dam is about half full. If we get more rain this week, that will definitely happen so I shall have my camera at the ready to see if I can capture a good bird shot. Still have not been able to get a good pic of a bird yet but I am not giving up on it. Maybe this will be the rainy day week when I finally manage it. Who knows!

Until next time – take care and have a great week ahead.

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