About Me

Hi my name is Jenny – pseudonym UNYOUNG JAM. I am just 71 years young and recently experienced an incident that totally turned my world upside down. Just before undergoing emergency heart surgery, half of my life experiences literally flitted right before my very eyes. It was unsettling to say the least but the good news is I am now feeling A OK, am making an excellent recovery and better still, am definitely living to tell my tale. So from here on in I am going to make certain that I undertake “An Adventure” of some sort every single day for the rest of my life.  Being a part of the sun coming up each day is a true gift and I plan to see many, many more of them and I am doubly certain that I am absolutely, definitely not yet ready to see the other half of my life flit by me any time soon.


I was born in 1948 and am a very happy Baby Boomer. I grew up in rural WA. My Dad taught me for most of my Primary School life. I completed my Junior High School Certificate the year JFK was assassinated. I became a teacher in 1966 and taught in WA Primary city and country schools for over 40 years.

My life experiences thus far have been great. Sadness and depressive thoughts have never been on my personal radar – until my heart attack. I have four stents in the main artery leading to my heart. One of those stents blocked recently and caused the blood to stop flowing which resulted in me experiencing severe pains in my jaw and between my shoulder blades – classic symptoms of a heart attack.

I plan to now have an “adventure a day” to ensure that my recovery from that trauma is complete. My adventures are going to assist me to remain positive about my heart – depression is quite a common occurrence after a heart attack – and encourage me to avoid saying negatives like, I could, I would, I should do that and say with positivity that I can, I will and I am going to do that.

The “adventures” are for my wellbeing. I am going to be kind to myself every day. Being a Baby Boomer is definitely a plus as I can now call myself UNYOUNG.

I cordially invite you to connect with me via my Adventure Blogs to see what UNYOUNG JAM gets up to today, tomorrow and in the many, many days to come.