I have oft heard it said that a change is as good as a holiday. Unfortunately, a holiday is just not an option for us at the minute so in lieu of a getaway, I instigated a few personal changes so that I could feel some good ‘holiday’ vibes happening right here at home. Even though the changes I made were small, they still gave me a lift and that was what I was after – so all good.

The first change I made was to my camera settings. I experimented with the lens and took a few photos using the setting that says A and P in camera speak, which ‘blurs’ the background a bit. Not sure I will use the aperture setting that often, but I am happy with the snaps I have selected for use in this week’s blog page, so who knows, I may use it again as early as tomorrow, especially if there is rain about. I like trying to see if I can capture my roses with raindrops on them and now knowing how to blur the background [which is often not what I want in a picture] is a good option.

The next change I made was to my office table. I rearranged it so that my laptop now sits at an extremely comfortable ‘eye height.’ I then spent some time going through my ‘in the cloud’ stored photos and selected what I consider to be my best ones, then deleted the rest. There were not many left after that little activity but enough for me to order some ‘passport size’ prints of them with the intention of making some ‘mini cards’ so I can, if they look okay, attach them to any presents I may give out. Methinks that making the cards will be a good little project for a winter’s day – time will tell!

I also learnt how to use my phone on a QR code so I could go straight to a website without having to do a google search. A bit ‘tech savvy’ of me I must say – mind you I had to be shown how to do it twice before I got the hang of it. Still, it is a new thing for me to use and better yet – it is another skill I have added to my collection of wise thoughts.

Whilst I was on my only social outing for the week and a very good one it was too – I tried a new coffee. [My friends ‘drove up the hill’ to have lunch with me – how good was that!] I ordered a short macchiato [served as is custom, in a small glass] with almond milk and it was pretty nice but not enough of it, so next time I will have to ask how to get the same flavour, only in a bigger size.

View from the veranda at A PATCH OF COUNTRY CAFE in MUNDARING.

It rained here on Thursday, so it was a good time for me to spend tidying up my sewing room. I assembled an easel which I have been wanting to do for some time and have used it to display my framed Tree of Life embroidery piece on it.

I have completed quite a few embroidery pieces over the last few years, but I have to say that this one is my definite favourite – even though I know I did the long and short [does my head in stitch] the wrong way on the pink flower – it still so far, rates as my number one sewing project.

So, as these few changes have given me a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure – I clearly, to maintain this status quo, need to keep on going with this mode of thinking.

As Dr Seuss says: “You’ll never be bored when you try something new. There’s no limit to what you can do.”

Until next time – have a great week ahead.