JAM FACT: I try to walk every morning for 20 minutes – part of my Healthy Heart routine. This is followed by Cardio exercises with weights four times a week. I can use 1.5 kilos for the cardio but any heavier and I puff too much. I still don’t quite trust my heart to not stress so 1.5 it is. The weights work out is followed by a session on the bike.  My exercise bike needs an oil – it squeaks and grunts on every turn and that’s annoying [not from my weight because I have lost more kilos than the Heart Specialists recommended which is a plus.] I will have to get MY J onto that because I have no idea into which hole the Singer oil should go.

The birds, now that we are in Spring, are abundant in the mornings. I haven’t seen my “Red Breasted Robin” yet [some of you will know the joke about my Robin Red Breast] or my Blue Wren but lots of other types. The bush flowers are out and My Mum’s freesias, which I transplanted from our family home when it was sold a few years ago and  previously ‘acquired’ by Mum and I some 55 years ago from Baldivis, my childhood home, are now happily flowering  in our front garden.

I hope you have had a good day – I have. Hopefully tomorrow’s walk will bring me some other unexpected pleasures.

 Until tomorrow –take care of yourself.